Dr. Sandra Matheson of Matheson Farms and the Sustainable Living Education Center

Dr. Sandra Matheson

The Sustainable Education Learning Center was created by Dr. Sandra M. Matheson. As a life long rancher and a retired veterinarian, Dr. Matheson dedicated her life to helping people and animals.

In the1990′s, she was trained and certified as an Educator in Holistic Management and Consensus Facilitator. She has worked with farmers, ranchers, individuals, families, groups, and even communities to help them plan for and work toward their desired future. Many of her students came from different countries.

Through her studies and work, Sandra has discovered a different way to see the world, make decisions, and work with people. The framework of Holistic Management taught her how to keep the balance among the social, economic, and environmental components of life and help others to do the same. Using the consensus process, she has facilitated diverse groups of people to work together through challenges and barriers and toward a common goal.

It is her hope that the Sustainable Living Education Learning Center will be an effective and valuable resource for people wishing to improve their own lives, businesses, their livelihoods, and the world.

Pointing Toward Your Desired Future

Sometimes Creating a Sustainable Future Requires a Course Change

Below is a short video about Matheson Farms and Dr.Sandra Matheson- the creator of the Sustainable Living Education Center.

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