2012- The Year of Prosperity

Welcome to 2012! The Matheson Farms Sustainable Living Education Center has declared 2012 to be the “Year of Prosperity”. In fact, our first webinar is entitled “Live Wise and Prosper – Techniques for Sustainable Living”  will be presented soon. Watch for the announcement!

Sunset on the Touchet RiverProsperity has many forms. It’s not just monetary as most people think. It’s also about satisfaction with life, joy, loved ones, time, richness of life, and meaningful experiences. To me, life is meant to be intensely lived and richly experienced – not to simply exist. Too often life gets in the way and we find ourselves just trying survive or at best, to just get by. I challenge you to really live life this year. How? Try new things, meet new people, study something new, travel to new places, and notice the amazing things around you everyday . Not much money, you say? You don’t need much, if any, to experience these things. These moments are created. They don’t have to be purchased.

The interesting thing is that when you take on an attitude of prosperity, prosperity seems to find you! It’s worth a try and at the very least you will be happier, smarter, and have fun!  Have a great year in 2012!

Dr. Sandra M. Matheson

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